1. The TTE Food Festival is an important exhibition that wants to promote thematic tourism from all over Greece, an important part of the exhibition is gastronomy with traditional products and drinks wine – ouzo – tsipouro etc., which will highlight small and medium businesses from all over Greece.


2.The TTE Food Festival aims at extroversion and the Greek public in order to highlight all the wealth from all over Greece as well as forms of tourism that can contribute to 365 days of tourism.


3. The TTE Food Festival has been embraced from the beginning by Ministries, Tourism Agencies who have given their Patronage to this important effort.


4.At the TTE Food Festival the goal is:
a) to visit foreign buyer representatives, companies that can cooperate with all these companies that will be at the exhibition,
b) to highlight the products of producers from all over Greece and
c) to visiting buyers of themed tourism will visit the exhibition.


5.  At the TTE Food Festival all thematic tourism modules will be presented


6.  At the TTE Food Festival, a world conference on thematic tourism will be held which will include specialized workshops, as well as culinary tastings from various regions of Greece with important recognized cooks.


7. At the TTE Food Festival, there will be meetings by entrepreneurs in the sector since commercial visitors have been invited from Greece and abroad, either from thematic tourism, but also from gastronomy and wine.


8. The TTE Food Festival will be covered by more than 100 communication sponsors from all over Greece and online TV will operate, where businesses will be able to give interviews throughout the exhibition. TTE Food Festival has already secured dozens of Communication Sponsors from Greece and Abroad.


9.  At the TTE Food Festival, the exhibitors will be displayed in a professional manner via the Internet – Exhibition Guide and Newsletter sent to 100,000 potential customers.


10. The TTE Food Festival will be visited by dozens of Greek and foreign journalists and bloggers who will broadcast the entire flow of the exhibition in a specially designed space.


11. Major advertising program from now on in media which will attract thousands of people to our exhibition


The TTE Food Festival is the first important meeting place for professionals and the public for thematic tourism, gastronomy and wine in Lamia.
The meeting you should not miss!