Sessional – Exhibitional Tourism


The development and systematic promotion of conference tourism is an important tool for all sectors of the country.

Conference Tourism is a thematic form of tourism that, with the right strategy, can bring great benefits. These are essentially the organized meetings of people with common interests, objects or professional specialties with the ultimate aim of scientific information and the exchange of information and opinions between the delegates/speakers attending the event.

By extension, it is a component of business tourism, along with incentive travel and exhibitions. It mainly aims at attracting a large number of visitors within a few days to a specific local destination by extending the tourist season and promoting the special local characteristics (cultural, rural, etc.)

Conferences are divided into the following categories: local, national or international and their topics vary (indicatively they can be medical, scientific, etc.). More specifically, they include lectures, conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings, meetings, forums.

Through conference tourism, interaction and dialogue, extroversion and innovation, communication and exchange are strengthened.