Sea Tourism

“Flying over the  waves…”

“All of Greece is a Marine Tourism…” A form of tourism with special importance for our country and with excellent scope for development and evolution. The deep blue Greek seas combined with the long coastline, the countless islands and the unique sun all year round are the components that strengthen and promote marine tourism. This form of thematic tourism essentially refers to all the tourist activities that are developed in the sea area and on the shores of a tourist reception area, with the aim of entertainment and cultural communication. The specific tourism activity that uses sailing or motoring as a mediumboat – for the movement of the visitor – client – sailor, with usual characteristics the sea route, the visit of various coastal and island areas, the stay in anchorages (of various types and categories) in various areas. This results in the promotion not only of the impressive islands of Greece but also of the more remote coastal areas, their culture and their customs. The yacht, in addition to accommodation and catering, also allows the development of a variety of leisure activities such as sunbathing on the boat, amateur fishing, approaching coasts that are inaccessible from land, diving, swimming insecluded coves, water skiing, touring etc. Marine tourism began to develop in Greece from the 60s. It is a factor of capital importance for the economic development of the country and above all because it contributes to the development of less favored areas, whose economy is mainly based on the sea and the coastal zone. The aim of the charter is the diversity of the way of movement, the possibility of freely choosing the route and the time restrictions (subject to weather conditions) and it highlights not only the marine and island geomorphology, but also the various places of docking stops, attractions andfeatures, showcasing the country’s coastal and maritime wealth and promoting the interest of tourists to come into contact with insular Greece as well as local economies and societies.