Care and love for our health and body has a great response in the soul and spirit. This is why Health Tourism can develop into a driving force worldwide and in a form that can acquire a large audience in all four (4) seasons.

Health Tourism is a thematic form of tourism that the tourist services it offers uniquely and creatively combine holidays with treatment or well-being. It refers to all relationships and phenomena that are the result of a change of location and residence of individuals and aim to promote, stabilize and restore, when necessary, physical, mental and mental health and well-being, by using services in a place which it is not their permanent place of residence or work.

Health tourism includes three separate categories:  Medical Tourism , Spa and  Thermal Tourism  and  Wellness Tourism . More specifically…

  1. Medical Tourism  refers to the movement of people within and outside borders with various kinds of health problems and in providing medical follow-up and care, which aims to prevent, diagnose and maintain it their personal health. Patients are usually accompanied by friends or relatives persons (healthy) who stay close to the patient throughout its duration his treatment. Medical tourism includes, like other tourism products, in addition to medical care, transport services, information, sightseeing, catering and accommodation in hotels. In the context of medical tourism, the possibility is also given to people who they are in need of long-term medical care, as are the people who suffer from kidney and heart failure, as well as other chronic diseases, to they travel seamlessly to their desired tourist destinations.
  1. Spa Tourism  is a special form of provision tourist services in areas whose main characteristic is the use of recognized medicinal natural resources for therapeutic purposes in special facilities. It still consists of a set of organized and mutually complementary actions with the dominant element being the use of medicinal products waters, and with the aim of preventing, maintaining or restoring the physical and mental health and well-being of the individual.
  1. Wellness Tourism  is the sum of all relationships and phenomena which is the result of a journey and residence of persons, whose main motivation is to restore, maintain and promote the physical and their mental health, but also their social well-being. Wellness is about the preventive side and combines attitudes and activities for prevention diseases, improving health and enhancing quality of life. It includes the categories of primary tourists who exclusively they travel for reasons of well-being and secondary tourists who seek to participate in wellness activities as part of any type of travel. Health Tourism is provided in special tourist infrastructure facilities that are the medical treatment units (M.I.Th.), the Thalassotherapy centers, the Rejuvenation centers (SPA) and thermal tourism centers.