“Let Nature Speak To You”

Contact with nature dynamically and ecstatically activates all human senses, something that geotourism certainly seeks to achieve through the activities it proposes.

An alternative form of tourism with the motto  Let  Nature  Speak  to  You  and motivated by the experience, knowledge and enjoyment of geodiversity and geoheritage creates for the interested party something extremely impressive with just the natural landscape as a background.

It is based on the geological and geomorphological environment and concerns the tour, in areas of special geological interest (in places of geological and geomorphological monuments and formations, fossiliferous sites, petrified forests, landforms, karst structures, caves and canyons, sand dunes, coasts as well as in any other form geosite).

Geotourism is promoted mainly in the areas designated by UNESCO as Global Geoparks (Geoparks are defined in Law 3937/2011) as well as in areas of special or recognized ecological, cultural and anthropogenic interest.

It is extremely important to note that for geotourism to be a viable option, the planning and development of tourism infrastructures, their subsequent operation and also market research must focus on criteria of environmental, social and cultural sustainability, so as to ensure that neither the natural environment nor the socio-cultural structure of the host communities will be disturbed by the traffic of tourists. Instead, local communities benefit from geotourism both economically and culturally.

Through this specific form of thematic tourism, the visitor travels and searches for destinations with a special geological aesthetic and at the same time “draws” on the map his own geographical route through which he discovers diamonds hidden within the Greek Land. Countless landscapes of geological interest, active volcanoes, caves, thematic canyons, small or large geological faults, rare rocks and minerals that are the “silent” witnesses of the continuous evolution of nature.