Development of City Break destinations, Shopping, Architecture, Entertainment, Experience, Malls, Integration of Cultural Routes, History etc.

Sports events, activities & events, Paragliding, Climbing Golf, Mountaineering, Alpine Skiing, Mountain Biking, Mountain Running

Geoparks, Caves

Programs of an educational and cultural nature, familiarization with the Greek Cultural Heritage

Fishing Tourism, Sea Games, Marine Parks, Diving Tourism, Marinas, Cruise Tourism, Yachts

Churches, Monasteries

Archaeological Sites, Monuments, Museums, Castles, Historical Monuments, Customs and Musical Events, Cultural Events, Festivals

Exhibition Centers, Conference Centers

Spa Tourism, Spa Springs, Centers, Medical Tourism, Thalassotherapy, Therapeutic Programs, Yoga, Spa, etc.

Agricultural Activities related to Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Beekeeping etc., Ecosystem Observation. Ecotourism (Develop in ecologically valuable and mainly institutionalized environmental protection areas, e.g. Natura areas).

Rock Climbing, Canoe Kayak, Canyoning, Horseback Riding, River Kayak, Mountain Biking, Mountaineering & Hiking Clubs, Cycling, Rafting, Adventure Travel River Trekking, Outdoor Activities

Skiing, Winter Sports, Ski Resorts

The Food Festival will be about the gastronomy of Greece, emphasizing the gastronomy of Fthiotido from tradition and today to its future. The goal of the festival is to highlight and promote recipes and products, especially from the region, and it will be organized annually with the ultimate goal of becoming an institution. It will be a puzzle of various events around gastronomy and both businesses and producers of gastronomy and wine, as well as local producers and shops of the city, will be able to participate in it, each with its own stand. The producers as well as the shops that choose to participate in it, will have the opportunity to exhibit their products, show them, advertise them, but also sell them to the visitors.