Educational Tourism

“Through Education you Create the Vision”

A journey full of knowledge and a new perspective builds and creates the vision…And this through educational tourism becomes a reality!

In this particular form, the visit to Greece takes place in a period of time defined by the educational programs and educational activities. This happens whether for a specific period of time you are to carry out a course of study of any level, content and purpose, organized by any provider and requiring entry and living in Greece, while making use of their stay in the tourist destination for entertainment and rest.

Educational tourism is more specifically divided into the following categories:

  • Youth  Traveling
  • Educational tourism ( Tourism Education ) regarding educational programs or participation in international exchange programs
  • Professional tourism internship.

Educational and cultural programs:

When travel is combined with educational and cultural programs, the end result certainly creates a new perspective and creates something experiential for the traveler.

A sense of togetherness and inclusion is heightened amid an educational terrain that has the power to create vision. From history and ethnography to folklore and all fields of culture the experience can certainly be fired.

Between a tourist destination, the various educational cycles that take place in a certain period of time convey and communicate to the participants an excellent action-reaction with the object they have chosen as well as with the local culture of the destination.

Familiarity with the Greek cultural heritage:

A country’s identity, value and culture are directly identified with cultural heritage. With a legacy that is bequeathed from the past to the present and from the present to the future. With each generation taking over the baton with one and only goal… the promotion and protection of the cultural product. Because the cultural heritage of a place is directly linked to the collective consciousness of the people, to their sense of belonging, to everyday culture and clearly to the identification and extroversion of a specific identity.

Through thematic tourism, the acquaintance with the Greek cultural heritage is made through targeted activities, guided tours and events with the cultural product gazing into the distance and conveying stories of today and tomorrow. The timelessness and sanctity of cultural heritage converse with contemporary perception and thought to create an integrated mosaic of knowledge and interaction.

Because Culture is our Identity!