Cultural Tourism

“Culture Is Our Identity”

Through culture the country can be a unique crossroads of exchange, interaction, extroversion and innovation.

Cultural Tourism is the thematic form that can “guide” the world to an entire philosophy and culture of a people. The main motivation of the visitor is to naturally visit cultural attractions in order to explore, discover, get to know and experience the cultural heritage of each destination.

From archeology and history to philosophy and music…From theater, literature and cinema to gastronomy and photography with the “journey” it goes back in time and shares memories, feelings, traditions, innovations and stories but also of all kinds arts and letters.


Cultural Tourism includes:

a. Cultural heritage, i.e. areas/locations and activities bequeathed and saved from the past, refer to perceptions, achievements and lifestyles of another era.

It is distinguished into tangible (cultural heritage buildings, architectural attractions, world heritage attractions, national and historical monuments), intangible (literature, art, philosophy, folklore, song), cultural heritage attractions (museums, libraries, theaters, events) and memories associated with with historical figures.

b.  Cultural thematic route, i.e. the set of natural or man-made attractions based on a specific thematic context. Theme routes can provide education and recreation at the same time.

c. Cultural event – festival – folklore.

As such is understood any organized activity of the tourist that contributes to the acquisition of a personalized and authentic experience, with any kind of active participation or engagement with the arts, heritage or special characteristics of a place or a thematic/cultural event.

d . Cultural urban tourism – city tourism (CityBreaks).

As such is understood the short leisure trip to cities, usually of short duration, during which the tourist experiences cultural and recreational experiences in that city.

e.  Wedding tourism.

It refers to the form of tourism where the main purpose of visiting the destination of choice is the performance of the wedding or its celebration or the honeymoon. This is the trip made by the couple to a destination different from their region or country of origin/residence individually or with relatives and friends in selected destinations, with which the visitors wish to associate important events in their lives.

f.  Film tourism

It is the activity of attracting tourists/visitors through the depiction of a place or its stories in film, television and the internet. It includes all forms of travel to places (tourist destinations, TV studios, theme parks) in which movies, TV, and even online productions have either been filmed or to places that have simply been shown or refer to movies or TV and online productions , which through this process acquire simultaneous interconnection with both the real and the film/television/online world.