City Break

“Discovering All Aspects of Cities”

Each city is also a unique destination that invites you to discover its every hidden and hidden point. By walking it you can discover a whole storytelling which is spread over streets, avenues and avenues as well as neighborhoods.

City tourism is one of the most important thematic forms of tourism worldwide. In Greece, this particular form is particularly suitable for Athens and Thessaloniki as these are two important and popular international tourist destinations.

Through this specific thematic form of tourism, the sustainable development of cities is directly achieved, which is also a basic and primary goal. Also, the important invitations that appear in each mechanism-destination have to do with the increased flows of visitors, with technological developments, the sharing economy and the strengthening of the various local specificities that may appear in each area-point-neighborhood of the city.

The visitor comes into direct contact and dialogue with the entire urban fabric, with the cultural and environmental background, with architecture and archaeology, with the local society and culture as well as with a lot of socio-cultural elements which are integrated into “nature” of each city.